vRealize Automation Licensing Service API

Licensing Service API Specification

This document describes the Licensing Service REST API.

What is the Licensing Service REST API?

The Licensing Service REST API enables users to access the licenses layer of their vRealize Automation appliance. The API comprises three underlying API's - the License API, the Asset API and the DLF API.

Key Concepts

License API

The License API contains two endpoints, which you can use to add a valid serial key to activate a new license or retrieve all licenses currently enabled in the system. Licenses enable various features in a vRealize Automation instance.

Dormant License File (DLF)

A dictionary that contains key=value pairs which describe licensing capabilities.


A DLF that has been activated by a serial key. Licenses provide functionality of various features to vRealize Automation.

Serial Key

A serial key is a hyphenated string of characters that maps to a DLF. By adding a valid serial key to a DLF in the system, you can create a valid license.

How the Licensing Service REST API Works

There are two primary usecases for the Licensing Service REST API, which are adding a serial key to activate a license, and retrieving all the licenses active in the system. For reference on how to invoke the API endpoints, see the reference below.

Adding a Serial Key

To add a serial key, call the POST licensing endpoint (/api/licenses) and pass the serial key to activate a license in your system.

Retrieving all licenses

To retrieve all the licenses in the system, call the GET licensing endpiont (/api/licenses).


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