vRealize Automation IaaS Proxy Provider Service API

IaaS Proxy Service API Specification

What is the IaaS Proxy Service REST API?

Note: The IaaS proxy service APIs are deprecated. If you do use them it is at your own risk, as they will no longer be supported in the future.

The IaaS proxy provider service acts as a bridge between the service catalog and the IaaS provider. The IaaS proxy provide service calls:

  • The catalog service to register resource types, catalog item types,catalog items, and component icons.

  • The composition service to register a machine component type.

It then calls the catalog service to register resource actions. Subsequently, the Iaas proxy provider service calls:

  • The reservation service to register reservation type categories, reservation types, and reservation policy types.

  • The event broker service to register IaaS event types.

Downstream Provider Services

The IaaS proxy provider service interacts with the following downstream provider services:

  • IAAS
  • vRO

Downstream Services for IaaS Registration

The IaaS proxy provider services interacts with the following services to register IaaS:

  • Composition service
  • Catalog service
  • Network service
  • Reservation service
  • Event broker service

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