vRealize Automation Portal Services API

Portal Service

What Is the Portal Service REST API?

You can use the portal service REST API to create and manage portlet elements on the vRA dashboard.

Typical Use Cases

You can use the portal service REST APIs to:

  • Create a portal
  • Retrieve the configuration for a specified portal
  • Update portal configurations
  • Create a portlet configuration
  • Update or delete the configuration for a portlet with a specified universally unique identifier (UUID)

Key Concepts


An element displayed within the dashboard view. A portal has a portal ID, a name, an associated user ID and tenant ID, and attributes that determine the number of columns and the column length of the portal element.

Portlet Configuration

The configuration attributes for a dashboard portlet indicate the window state, position, and mode of the portal element.

Additional Information

For additional information about the VRealize Automation REST API, see the VRealize Automation Programming Guide or the user documentation for VRealize Automation.


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