VMware Cloud Partner Navigator is a unified SaaS partner platform built to streamline access for VMware Cloud Provider Program partners.

Cloud Partner Navigator enables Distributor and Direct Reseller partners to configure and quote purchases, view transactions, subscriptions, and usages incurred by their end customers as well as view the billing information generated as proforma or as consolidated invoice. Using the VMware Cloud Partner Navigator APIs as a Distributor or Direct Reseller, you can view service usage and billing statements, view and create service subscriptions, and manage support requests in a RESTful application development style.

Cloud Partner Navigator enables Resellers and Partner of Record partners to configure purchases, view transactions, subscriptions, and usages incurred by their end customers and as well as view the consumption of funds and customer expenditures. Some partners can also get access to customer workloads and maintain them on behalf of the customers. Using the Cloud Partner Navigator APIs as a Reseller or Partner of Record partner, you can view services and subscriptions, as well as manage support requests.

Cloud Partner Navigator enables Cloud Provider partners to deliver multi-cloud services to customers with ease and greatly simplifies business and customer operations. As enterprises consume more cloud solutions, they need a multi-cloud specialist to help simplify access to the right cloud or service for their applications — ultimately lowering the risk of their cloud projects. Using the VMware Cloud Partner Navigator APIs as a Cloud Provider, you can manage service billing statements, view service subscriptions, and manage support requests.

Working with APIs

You use API tokens to authenticate yourself when you make authorized API connections. An API token authorizes access per organization.

How do I generate API tokens?

API tokens are scoped within individual organizations. To manage a customer organization using the API, you have to generate an API token within that organization.

  1. Switch to the organization for which you want to generate an API token.

  2. Click your user name and click My Account API Tokens .

  3. Click Generate Token.

  4. Enter a name for the token, select the expiration period, and click Generate.

    A Token Generated pop-up window appears. You can copy, download, and print the token.

  5. Click Continue.

The API token is generated and you can use it to access the VMware Cloud Partner Navigator APIs. The token is valid for the selected time period. You must then regenerate the token if you want to continue using APIs that rely on it.

Using an API token to interact with VMware Cloud Partner Navigator APIs

To use VMware Cloud Partner Navigator APIs, you must exchange the generated token for an authentication token.

  1. Generate an API token.

  2. Exchange the API token for an authentication token by performing a POST request to /cphub/api/auth/v1/authn/accesstoken with “refreshToken” : “your_api_token” in the body of the request.

    You must set the Content-Type header of this POST request to application/json.

  3. Use the received authentication token in the csp-auth-token header in your script’s HTTP calls.

Regenerating or revoking API tokens

To regenerate an API token that is about to expire, click a token’s Regenarate button.

To revoke a token you no longer need to use, click a token’s Revoke button. You can also revoke all tokens by clicking the Revoke All Tokens button.


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