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Data Management Service Operations Index

All available Data Management Service Operations.

Data Consumer

delete Delete Individual Job
Delete individual data job.
delete Delete Info Type Subscription
Delete one subscription for info types.
get Get Individual Job
Retrieve details of one data job.
get Get Info Type Consumer
Details of one data-type.
get Get Info Type Subscription
Retrieve details of one subscription.
get Get Info Type Subscriptions
List subscriptions.
get Get Job Ids
List information job identifiers.
get Get Job Results
get one set of job results
get Get Job Status
Get the status of one job.
get List Info Types Consumer
List known data-types.
put Put Individual Info Job
Create or update one data job.
put Put Info Type Subscription
Create or update one subscription for info types.

Data Producer

post Notify Job Results
Callback URI for data-collection job results notifications.
Producer Discovery
get Get Info Producer
Get the details of one producer.
get Get Info Producer Status
Status of one producer.
get Get Info Type Producer
Details of one data-type.
get List Info Producer Jobs
List producer jobs.
get List Info Producers
List data producers by identifier.
get List Info Types Producer
List known data-types.
Producer Registration
delete Delete Info Producer
Delete one producer.
delete Delete Info Type
Delete one data type.
put Put Info Producer
Create or update one producer.
put Put Info Type
Create or update one data type.


get Heartbeat
Check for the status of data management service

Service Registry Discovery

get Current Active Services
List all active services
get Get Service By ID
Get service details by ID

Service Registry Registration

delete Delete Service By ID
Delete a service.
patch Patch Service By ID
Patch a service
put Put Service By ID
Create or update a service detail


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