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The body of the job request.


info_job_data Required

The filtering parameters that shape a pmhistory query. start, end, technology and counter_names are required. If one or more cell_ids or vector_indexes are provided, the results are filtered by those ids and indexes. If a chosen counter is a vector and no vector_indexes value is provided, then the caller is responsible for processing the vectors appropriately. If any vector_indexes are present then counter_names must have only one item. Note: This format is expected to change as R1 standards mature.

string as uuid
info_job_identity Required

The unique identifier for the job provided in the job request. A uuid.

target_uri Required

URI to which the produced information is sent. This can be actual results, or in the case of pmhistory a notification of where to retrieve the results.

info_type_identity Optional

Identitifer of the data or information type used for the job.

last_updated Optional

The time when the job was last updated or created (ISO-8601)

owner Optional

The identifier for the rApp that made the job request.

JSON Example

    "info_job_identity": "94ec9a62-213b-11ec-af33-7f567fdd0e71",
    "target_uri": "http://pmhistory-consumer:8080/v0alpha1/jobs_results/94ec9a62-213b-11ec-af33-7f567fdd0e71"
[{"label":"Latest (0.1.0)","version":"latest"}]
Parameter To

Create Job


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