Details of create/revoke invitation. Deprecated: orgRoleNames - use organizationRoles instead. Deprecated: serviceRoleNames - use serviceRoles instead
Note: When passing username in the invitedBy field the names of the provided user will be displayed in the invitation email.


array of string
usernames Required

List of Usernames (e-mails) of users.

array of string
customGroupsIds Optional

Custom Groups (relevant only for invite).

customRoles Optional

Custom Roles (relevant only for invite).

array of string
orgRoleNames Optional

Deprecated: Org role names (use organizationRoles instead)

organizationRoles Optional

Organization roles (relevant only for invite).

array of ServiceRolesDto
serviceRolesDtos Optional

Service Roles (relevant only for invite).

skipNotify Optional

Indicates if the notification have to be skipped

skipNotifyRegistration Optional

Prevent sending mails to users that do not yet have a CSP profile

invitedBy Optional

Invited By, specify the actual user who is inviting.

JSON Example

	"usernames": [
Parameter To

Invite Users


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