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A page is a sublist of a list of objects. It allows gain information about the position of it in the containing


array of ApplicationDto
content Optional

Schema Representation for Application. Application is the Virtual Application container which will be created by the administrator to store the diffrent application packages captured or imported to be stored under. This will act as a grouping for different versions of the same software, so that the administrator can mark one of the application versions using a marker and that can be used in an assignment. Eg: “Microsoft Office” will be created as an application which is the virtual application container which will contain “Microsoft Office 2013 sp1” as an application version under it, “Microsoft_Office_2013_SP1_Clean.vhd” can be the application package containing the particular application version

empty Optional

Whether Empty

first Optional

Whether First Page

last Optional

Whether Last Page

integer as int32
number Optional

Current Page

integer as int32
numberOfElements Optional

Number of elements currently on this Page

pageable Optional

Schema for page

integer as int32
size Optional

Max size of the current Page

sort Optional

Schema for sort

integer as int64
totalElements Optional

Total Number of elements

integer as int32
totalPages Optional

Total Pages

JSON Example

    "empty": false,
    "first": false,
    "last": false,
    "number": 4,
    "numberOfElements": 10,
    "size": 10,
    "totalElements": 100,
    "totalPages": 10
[{"label":"Latest (V1)","version":"latest"}]
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