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data Optional

Internal Schema for Appversion Patch. All fields are optional. Only the fields containing values are patched. AppVersion is the particular version of software installed/captured in a given capture session. As part of the Cloud native capture only one AppVersion can be part of a Package. AppVersion was called in the past as “App Bundle” in the 3.x terminology. This is uniquely identified by a uuid which is generated during the capture session. With application package merge, it is possible to have the same AppVersion in multiple packages and also that single Package can have more than one AppVersion contained in it. Eg: “Microsoft Office 2013 sp1” can be the application version which can be captured under a virtual application named “Microsoft Office”, and this version can reside on a package “Microsoft_Office_2013_SP1_Clean.vhd”

JSON Example

	"data": {
		"applicationId": "da891c6b-3ac6-491b-9c79-c58788819500",
		"bundleGuid": "da891c6b-3ac6-491b-9c79-c58788819500",
		"deliveryFormat": "APP_VOLUMES",
		"deliveryMode": "ONDEMAND",
		"description": "MS Office 2013 for windows",
		"lifecycleStage": "UNPACKAGED",
		"name": "Office2019",
		"packagerNotes": "Packaged for compatability checking",
		"version": "16.0.10386.20017"
[{"label":"Latest (V1)","version":"latest"}]
Parameter To

Patch App Version


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