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Patch model for updating template.


agentCustomization Optional

map of string
applicationProperties Optional

Application properties to be added when template is created.

computerAccountOU Optional

The VMs of this template will be part of this Organization Unit in the AD

description Optional

An arbitrary description for this template.

diskEncryption Optional

integer as int32
diskSizeInGB Optional

Specifies the size of os disk in gigabytes

imageReference Optional

infrastructure Optional

All other provider resources that should be used when creating VMs for this template. The keys in this map and the interpretation of the values depend on the provider type.

integer as int32
maxQuiescingServers Optional

Max number of desktops which can quiesced when the template is undergoing normal maintenance. Defaults to 25% of the spare policy max.

name Optional

Template name.

networks Optional

List of network resources that will be used when creating VMs for this template. The meaning of ’network resource’ will depend on the provider type. For example, in Azure, this will be a list of subnets.

powerPolicy Optional

Power policy Spec

array of string
protocols Optional

List of protocols to be allowed for client connections to desktops in this template. Allowable values are ‘BLAST’, ‘PCOIP’ and ‘RDP’.

Possible values are: BLASTPCOIPRDP

map of string
resourceTags Optional

Tags to be added to resources when they are created as part of this template.

integer as int32
sessionsPerVm Optional

Max number of desktops sessions allowed per VM. For Windows desktop VMs, this value must be 1. For MULTI_SESSION, it can be any value greater than 0.

sparePolicy Optional

Spare capacity policy

templateConnectivityStatus Optional

Defines whether this template is ‘offline’ or ‘online’. When offline, no VM lifecycle operations will be performed for this template, and no client connections will be allowed.

Possible values are: OFFLINEONLINE

vmLicenseType Optional

The type of Windows licenses that the creating organization posesses and wishes to use for all VMs created as part of this template.


JSON Example

    "computerAccountOU": "CN=Computers",
    "description": "My floating desktop template",
    "maxQuiescingServers": 10,
    "name": "My floating desktop template"
[{"label":"Latest (V1)","version":"latest"}]
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