Description TBD


cursor Optional

A cursor to keep track of pages returned by the backend (a page number)

integer as int32
page_size Optional

Number of records to be returned in the API request

integer as int32
result_count Optional

The total number of records returned in the API request

sort_ascending Optional

True, if the list of records returned need to be sorted in ascending order, false otherwise.

sort_by Optional

The parameter on which to sort

time_interval Optional

Time interval object where start and end time are required

JSON Example

	"cursor": "string",
	"page_size": 0,
	"result_count": 0,
	"sort_ascending": false,
	"sort_by": {
		"attribute": "string"
	"time_interval": {
		"end_time": 0,
		"start_time": 0


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