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Malware Prevention API Operations Index

All available Malware Prevention API Operations.

Malware Prevention

post Add To Allow List
Add to allow list
post Auto Complete Search
Auto Complete API
delete Delete Allow List
Delete from allow-list
delete Delete Deployment Spec
Delete Deployment spec
get Get Allow List
Get list of files allowed in data center
get Get Events Statistics
Get statistics for inspected events
get Get File Inspection Events
Get list of file inspection events
get Get Inspected File Details
Get details of a particular inspected file
get Get Inspected Files
Get list of inspected files
get Get Malware Prevention RBAC Permissions
Get RBAC permissions of all NSX Malware Prevention APIs
get Get Malware Prevention Usage Details
Get feature usage details of Malware Prevention
get Get Service Definition
Get service definition
get Get Statistics By Threat Family
Statistics based on type of threat family
get Get Statistics By Threat Score
Statistics based on threat scores
get Query Search
Full text search API
post Register Svm
Register SVM


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