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ecmp Optional

Flag to enable ECMP.

enabled Optional

Flag to enable BGP configuration. Disabling will stop feature and BGP peering.

graceful_restart Optional

Flag to enable graceful restart. This field is deprecated, please use graceful_restart_config parameter for graceful restart configuration. If both parameters are set and consistent with each other (i.e. graceful_restart=false and graceful_restart_mode=HELPER_ONLY OR graceful_restart=true and graceful_restart_mode=GR_AND_HELPER) then this is allowed, but if inconsistent with each other then this is not allowed and validation error will be thrown.

graceful_restart_config Optional

Configuration field to hold BGP Restart mode and timer.

inter_sr_ibgp Optional

Flag to enable inter SR IBGP configuration. When not specified, inter SR IBGP is automatically enabled if Tier-0 is created in ACTIVE_ACTIVE ha_mode.

local_as_num Required

Specify BGP AS number for Tier-0 to advertize to BGP peers. AS number can be specified in ASPLAIN (e.g., “65546”) or ASDOT (e.g., “1.10”) format. Empty string disables BGP feature.

multipath_relax Optional

Flag to enable BGP multipath relax option.

route_aggregations Optional

List of routes to be aggregated.

JSON Example

	"local_as_num": "string"

Vendor Extensions

This class contains the following vendor extensions defined in the spec:
x-vmw-nsx-module: PolicyConnectivity


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