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integer as int64
fall_count Optional

Only if a healthcheck fails consecutively for a specified number of times, given with fall_count, to a member will the member status be marked DOWN.

integer as int64
interval Optional

Active healthchecks are initiated periodically, at a configurable interval (in seconds), to each member of the Group.

integer as int32
monitor_port Optional

Typically, monitors perform healthchecks to Group members using the member IP address and pool_port. However, in some cases, customers prefer to run healthchecks against a different port than the pool member port which handles actual application traffic. In such cases, the port to run healthchecks against can be specified in the monitor_port value. For ICMP monitor, monitor_port is not required.

integer as int64
rise_count Optional

Once a member is DOWN, a specified number of consecutive successful healthchecks specified by rise_count will bring the member back to UP state.

integer as int64
timeout Optional

Timeout specified in seconds. After a healthcheck is initiated, if it does not complete within a certain period, then also the healthcheck is considered to be unsuccessful. Completing a healthcheck within timeout means establishing a connection (TCP or SSL), if applicable, sending the request and receiving the response, all within the configured timeout.

JSON Example

	"fall_count": 0,
	"interval": 0,
	"monitor_port": 0,
	"rise_count": 0,
	"timeout": 0

Vendor Extensions

This class contains the following vendor extensions defined in the spec:
x-vmw-nsx-module: PolicyLoadBalancer
[{"label":"Latest (v1.0)","version":"latest"}]
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