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cookie_domain Optional

HTTP cookie domain could be configured, only available for insert mode.

cookie_fallback Optional

If fallback is true, once the cookie points to a server that is down (i.e. admin state DISABLED or healthcheck state is DOWN), then a new server is selected by default to handle that request. If fallback is false, it will cause the request to be rejected if cookie points to a server.

cookie_garble Optional

If garble is set to true, cookie value (server IP and port) would be encrypted. If garble is set to false, cookie value would be plain text.

cookie_mode Optional

Cookie persistence mode.

Possible values are: INSERTPREFIXREWRITE

cookie_name Optional

Cookie name.

cookie_path Optional

HTTP cookie path could be set, only available for insert mode.

cookie_time Optional

Both session cookie and persistence cookie are supported, if not specified, it’s a session cookie. It expires when the browser is closed.

JSON Example

	"cookie_domain": "string",
	"cookie_fallback": false,
	"cookie_garble": false,
	"cookie_mode": "INSERT",
	"cookie_name": "string",
	"cookie_path": "string",
	"cookie_time": {
		"type": "LBSessionCookieTime"

Vendor Extensions

This class contains the following vendor extensions defined in the spec:
x-vmw-nsx-module: PolicyLoadBalancer


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