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http_redirect_to Optional

If a website is temporarily down or has moved, incoming requests for that virtual server can be temporarily redirected to a URL.

http_redirect_to_https Optional

Certain secure applications may want to force communication over SSL, but instead of rejecting non-SSL connections, they may choose to redirect the client automatically to use SSL.

integer as int64
idle_timeout Optional

It is used to specify the HTTP application idle timeout, it means that how long the load balancer will keep the connection idle to wait for the client to send the next keep-alive request. It is not a TCP socket setting.

ntlm Optional

NTLM is an authentication protocol that can be used over HTTP. If the flag is set to true, LB will use NTLM challenge/response methodology.

integer as int64
request_body_size Optional

If it is not specified, it means that request body size is unlimited.

integer as int64
request_header_size Optional

A request with header larger than request_header_size will be processed as best effort whereas a request with header below this specified size is guaranteed to be processed.

integer as int64
response_header_size Optional

A response with header larger than response_header_size will be dropped.

integer as int64
response_timeout Optional

If server doesn’t send any packet within this time, the connection is closed.

x_forwarded_for Optional

Insert or replace x_forwarded_for.

Possible values are: INSERTREPLACE

JSON Example

	"http_redirect_to": "string",
	"http_redirect_to_https": false,
	"idle_timeout": 0,
	"ntlm": false,
	"request_body_size": 0,
	"request_header_size": 0,
	"response_header_size": 0,
	"response_timeout": 0,
	"x_forwarded_for": "INSERT"

Vendor Extensions

This class contains the following vendor extensions defined in the spec:
x-vmw-nsx-module: PolicyLoadBalancer
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