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access_log_enabled Optional

If access log is enabled, all HTTP requests sent to an L7 virtual server are logged to the access log file. Both successful requests (backend server returns 2xx) and unsuccessful requests (backend server returns 4xx or 5xx) are logged to access log, if enabled.

string as ip
ip_address Required

Configures the IP address of the PolicyLbVirtualServer where it receives all client connections and distributes them among the backend servers.

lb_persistence_profile Optional

Path to optional object that enables persistence on a virtual server allowing related client connections to be sent to the same backend server. Persistence is disabled by default.

array of string as port-or-range
ports Required

Ports contains a list of at least one port or port range such as “80”, “1234-1236”. Each port element in the list should be a single port or a single port range.

resource_type Required
Description not available

Possible values are: TcpPolicyLbVirtualServerUdpPolicyLbVirtualServerHttpPolicyLbVirtualServerHttpsPolicyLbVirtualServerCustomPolicyLbVirtualServer

router_path Required

Path to router type object that PolicyLbVirtualServer connects to. The only supported router object is Network.

traffic_source Optional
Description not available

JSON Example

	"ip_address": "string",
	"ports": [
	"resource_type": "TcpPolicyLbVirtualServer",
	"router_path": "string"

Vendor Extensions

This class contains the following vendor extensions defined in the spec:
x-vmw-nsx-module: TempPolicyLoadBalancer


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