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failure_policy Optional

Failure policy for the service defines the action to be taken i.e to allow or to block the traffic during failure scenarios.

Possible values are: ALLOWBLOCK

array of string
forward_path_service_profiles Required

Forward path service profiles are applied to ingress traffic.

path_selection_policy Optional

Path selection policy can be - ANY - Service Insertion is free to redirect to any service path regardless of any load balancing considerations or flow pinning. LOCAL - Preference to be given to local service insances. REMOTE - Preference to be given to the SVM co-located on the same host. ROUND_ROBIN - All active service paths are hit with equal probability.


array of string
reverse_path_service_profiles Optional

Reverse path service profiles are applied to egress traffic and is optional. 2 different set of profiles can be defined for forward and reverse path. If not defined, the reverse of the forward path service profile is applied.

array of string
service_segment_path Required

Path to service segment using which the traffic needs to be redirected.

JSON Example

	"forward_path_service_profiles": [
	"service_segment_path": [

Vendor Extensions

This class contains the following vendor extensions defined in the spec:
x-vmw-nsx-module: PolicyServiceInsertion


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