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resource_type Required

Supported visualization types are LabelValueConfiguration, DonutConfiguration, GridConfiguration, StatsConfiguration, MultiWidgetConfiguration, GraphConfiguration and ContainerConfiguration.

Possible values are: LabelValueConfigurationDonutConfigurationMultiWidgetConfigurationContainerConfigurationStatsConfigurationGridConfigurationGraphConfiguration

array of Datasource
datasources Optional

The ‘datasources’ represent the sources from which data will be fetched. Currently, only NSX-API is supported as a ‘default’ datasource. An example of specifying ‘default’ datasource along with the urls to fetch data from is given at ’example_request’ section of ‘CreateWidgetConfiguration’ API.

drilldown_id Optional

Id of drilldown widget, if any. Id should be a valid id of an existing widget. A widget is considered as drilldown widget when it is associated with any other widget and provides more detailed information about any data item from the parent widget.

footer Optional

Footer of a widget that provides additional information or allows an action such as clickable url for navigation. An example usage of footer is provided under ’example_request’ section of ‘CreateWidgetConfiguration’ API.

array of Icon
icons Optional

Icons to be applied at dashboard for widgets and UI elements.

is_drilldown Optional

Set to true if this widget should be used as a drilldown.

legend Optional

Legend to be displayed. If legend is not needed, do not include it.

display_name Optional

Title of the widget. If display_name is omitted, the widget will be shown without a title.

shared Optional

Please use the property ‘shared’ of View instead of this. The widgets of a shared view are visible to other users.

integer as int32
weight Optional

Specify relavite weight in WidgetItem for placement in a view. Please see WidgetItem for details.

JSON Example

	"resource_type": "LabelValueConfiguration"

Vendor Extensions

This class contains the following vendor extensions defined in the spec:
x-vmw-nsx-module: NsxDashboard
[{"label":"Latest (v1.0)","version":"latest"}]
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