Segment specific L2 VPN configuration


l2vpn_path Optional

This property has been deprecated. Please use the property l2vpn_paths for setting the paths of associated L2 VPN session. This property will continue to work as expected to provide backwards compatibility. However, when both l2vpn_path and l2vpn_paths properties are specified, only l2vpn_paths is used.

array of string
l2vpn_paths Optional

Policy paths corresponding to the associated L2 VPN sessions

integer as int32
tunnel_id Optional

Tunnel ID

JSON Example

	"l2vpn_path": "string",
	"l2vpn_paths": [
	"tunnel_id": 0

Vendor Extensions

This class contains the following vendor extensions defined in the spec:
x-vmw-nsx-module: PolicyConnectivity
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