Pool member.


admin_state Optional

Member admin state.


backup_member Optional

Backup servers are typically configured with a sorry page indicating to the user that the application is currently unavailable. While the pool is active (a specified minimum number of pool members are active) BACKUP members are skipped during server selection. When the pool is inactive, incoming connections are sent to only the BACKUP member(s).

display_name Optional

Pool member name.

string as ip
ip_address Required

Pool member IP address.

integer as int64
max_concurrent_connections Optional

To ensure members are not overloaded, connections to a member can be capped by the load balancer. When a member reaches this limit, it is skipped during server selection. If it is not specified, it means that connections are unlimited.

string as port-or-range
port Optional

If port is specified, all connections will be sent to this port. Only single port is supported. If unset, the same port the client connected to will be used, it could be overrode by default_pool_member_port setting in virtual server. The port should not specified for port range case.

integer as int64
weight Optional

Pool member weight is used for WEIGHTED_ROUND_ROBIN balancing algorithm. The weight value would be ignored in other algorithms.

JSON Example

	"ip_address": "string"

Vendor Extensions

This class contains the following vendor extensions defined in the spec:
x-vmw-nsx-module: PolicyLoadBalancer
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