Tier0 gateway state


enforcement_point_path Optional

String Path of the enforcement point. When not specified, routes from all enforcement-points are returned.

array of IPv6Status
ipv6_status Optional

IPv6 DAD status for interfaces configured on Tier0

tier0_state Optional

Detailed realized state information for Tier0

tier0_status Optional

Detailed realized status information for Tier0

JSON Example

	"enforcement_point_path": "string",
	"ipv6_status": [
			"dad_statuses": [
					"ip_address": "string",
					"status": "DUPLICATED",
					"transport_node": [
							"is_valid": false,
							"target_display_name": "string",
							"target_id": "string",
							"target_type": "string"
			"interface_id": "string"
	"tier0_state": {},
	"tier0_status": {
		"last_update_timestamp": 0,
		"logical_router_id": "string",
		"per_node_status": [
				"high_availability_status": "ACTIVE",
				"service_router_id": "string",
				"transport_node_id": "string"

Vendor Extensions

This class contains the following vendor extensions defined in the spec:
x-vmw-nsx-module: PolicyConnectivityStatistics
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