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category Optional

  • Distributed Firewall - Policy framework for Distributed Firewall provides four pre-defined categories for classifying a communication map. They are “Emergency”, “Infrastructure”, “Environment” and “Application”. Amongst the layer 3 communication maps,there is a pre-determined order in which the policy framework manages the priority of these communication maps. Emergency category has the highest priority followed by Infrastructure, Environment and then Application rules. Administrator can choose to categorize a communication map into the above categories or can choose to leave it empty. If empty it will have the least precedence w.r.t the above four layer 3 categories.

communication_entries Optional

CommunicationEntries that are a part of this CommunicationMap

integer as int32
precedence Optional

This field is used to resolve conflicts between communication maps across domains. In order to change the precedence of a communication map one can fire a POST request on the communication map entity with a query parameter action=revise The precedence field will reflect the value of the computed precedence upon execution of the above mentioned POST request. For scenarios where the administrator is using a template to update several communication maps, the only way to set the precedence is to explicitly specify the precedence number for each communication map. If no precedence is specified in the payload, a value of 0 is assigned by default. If there are multiple communication maps with the same precedence then their order is not deterministic. If a specific order of communication map is desired, then one has to specify a unique precedence or use the POST request on the communication map entity with a query parameter action=revise to let the framework assign a precedence

JSON Example

	"category": "string",
	"communication_entries": [
	"precedence": 0

Vendor Extensions

This class contains the following vendor extensions defined in the spec:
x-vmw-nsx-module: Policy
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