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VMware Site Recovery Manager Configuration REST API Operations Index

All available VMware Site Recovery Manager Configuration REST API Operations.


get Get Appliance Disks
Get information about the virtual appliance's disks.
get Get Appliance Info
Get information about the virtual appliance.
get Get Syslog Servers
A list of all configured syslog servers.
get Get Time Settings
Information about the current time settings.
get Get Time Zones
Information about supported time zones.
post Restart Appliance
Restart the virtual appliance.
post Send Syslog Test Message
Send test message to all syslog servers.
post Shutdown Appliance
Shut down the virtual appliance.
post Update Appliance Password
Update the appliance password.
post Update Database Password
Update the database password.
put Update Syslog Servers
Update configured syslog servers
put Update Time Settings
Update the current time settings


get Get Current Session
Returns information about the current session, if any.
post Login
Logs in and returns the session ID. Include 'x-dr-session' header with the value of the returned session ID in subsequent requests.
delete Logout
Logs out if the session is authenticated.


post Add CA Certificates
Add certificate authorities (CA) certificates.
post Delete CA Certificates
Delete certificate authorities (CA) certificates.
post Generate CSR
Generate a new key and certificate signing request (CSR) and return it for signing.
get Get Appliance CA Certificates
Get the installed certificate authorities (CA) certificates used to validate other server's certificates.
get Get Appliance Certificate
Get the appliance certificate info.
post Probe SSL
Check if the appliance can establish a successful SSL connection with the specified endpoint.
post Update Appliance Certificate
Update the appliance certificate.


post Check Extension Key
Check whether the given extension key is already registered in SSO, lookup service, and as VC extension.
post Delete Configuration
Remove current configuration
get Get Configuration
Get the appliance configuration info.
get Get Reconfigure Required
Check if the reconfigure operation is required after the upgrade.
post List VC Services
List all vCenter Servers in the VMware Platform Services Controller (PSC).
put Update Configuration
Update the appliance configuration.
post Validate Connection
Validates connections to the vSphere infrastructure


get Get All Network Interfaces Settings
Get all network interface settings.
get Get All Network Settings
Current appliance network settings.
get Get Network DNS Settings
Get the DNS settings
get Get Network Interface Settings
Get network interface settings.
put Update Network DNS Settings
Update the DNS settings
post Update Network Interface Settings
Update network interface settings. Changing the appliance IP address disconnects the current REST API connection.


get Get All Services
Get information about all services.
get Get Service
Get information about a specific service.
post Restart Service
Restart the service
post Start Service
Start the service
post Stop Service
Stop the service


get Get All Tasks Info
Retrieve all configuration-related tasks.
get Get Task Info
Retrieve the task information.


put Change Updates Repository
Change the current Updates Repository.
post Get Updates
Get all available updates in the repository.
get Get Updates Repository
Get information about the current Updates Repository.
post Install Update
Install the update


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