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A spec specifying recover operation settings.


migrate_eligible_vms Optional

Whether we should perform xVC-vMotion for eligible VMs during the planned failover workflow. If this option is set, failover will attempt to use xVC-vMotion for all protected powered on VMs residing on stretched storage at the protected site. If this option is not set, failover will be performed using the regular recovery workflow for replicated LUNs (including stretched devices). This option will be available only for planned failover. If xVC-vMotion fails for any reason, the recovery plan will stop with appropriate error. Must be true if vMotion is supported.

planned_failover Optional

Whether this recover operation is a planned failover. Planned failovers will attempt to restore the protection site to the original state if an error (or user cancellation) occurs before the storage steps.

skip_protection_site_operations Optional

Skips all recovery plan operation that involve communication with the protection site. These include: shutting down of protected VMs, syncing, and deactivating. If set to true, sync_data setting is ignored and assumed to be false. This flag is ignored if planned_failover is set to true. To set to true, you must first enable the recovery.forceRecovery advanced setting.

sync_data Optional

Whether to call the replication providers to synchronize the outstanding data before the operation.

JSON Example

	"migrate_eligible_vms": false,
	"planned_failover": false,
	"skip_protection_site_operations": false,
	"sync_data": false
[{"label":"Latest (2.0.0)","version":"latest"},{"version":"1.0.0"}]
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