[{"label":"Latest (2.0.0)","version":"latest"},{"version":"1.0.0"}]


A list of datastores to be added to an existing Array-Based Replication protection group.


array of string
datastores Optional

A list of datastore group references. Datastore group is a set of replicated datastores.

  • Virtual machines located on these datastores can be protected. Virtual machine location is defined by its home directory (the directory that holds the .vmx file).
  • Any given replicated datastore can be part of only one protection group.
  • Datastores backed by storage devices combined in a consistency group must be added to the same protection group.

JSON Example

	"datastores": [
[{"label":"Latest (2.0.0)","version":"latest"},{"version":"1.0.0"}]
Parameter To

Add Datastore Group


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