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Recovery settings related to power-on of a VM


integer as int32
delay_before_power_on_steps_and_dependent_vms_seconds Optional

Configure the fixed time delay after power-on operations for this workload. After VM Tools responds with a heartbeat the subsequent steps of the recovery of the VM are delayed for the specified amount of time. This delay is intended to give the application hosted by the VM time to finish it’s startup cycle.

The value is in seconds. If not set, the application default value is used. If set to 0 (zero), no delay will be introduced.

integer as int32
power_on_vmtools_timeout_seconds Optional

Configure the maximum timeout for VM Tools to respond with heartbeat. Recovery will continue once a heartbeat is heard, otherwise the recovery of the workload will fail.

The value is in seconds. If not set,the application default value is used. If set to 0 (zero), recovery will not wait for VM Tools and will proceed immediately (use delayBeforePowerOnStepsAndDependentVmsSeconds to add a fixed time delay).

JSON Example

	"delay_before_power_on_steps_and_dependent_vms_seconds": 0,
	"power_on_vmtools_timeout_seconds": 0
[{"label":"Latest (2.0.0)","version":"latest"},{"version":"1.0.0"}]
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