[{"label":"Latest (2.0.0)","version":"latest"},{"version":"1.0.0"}]


Details about the current protection status of a VM


array of string
errors Optional

Errors related to the status. Null if there are none.

status Optional

Status of the protected VM

  • LOADING - Needed information is still on its way
  • NOT_CONFIGURED - The VM has just become part of a protection group
  • CONFIGURING_PROTECTION - The VM is acquiring protection
  • REMOVING_PROTECTION - The VM is losing its protection
  • RESTORING_PLACEHOLDER - SRM server is restoring the placeholder VM at the recovery site
  • DEVICE_NOT_FOUND - The VM has a disk or a device that is not replicated
  • PLACEHOLDER_VM_DELETED - Someone has deleted the placeholder VM
  • ABR_CONFIGURATION_ERROR - Array manager based configuration error
  • PLACEHOLDER_CREATION_ERROR - Creation of the placeholder VM failed
  • OK - Protected VM is OK
  • INVALID - The production VM is invalid for some reason. The server reports a fault.
  • MISSING_MAPPING - The VM has a missing mapping
  • REPLICATION_ERROR - Replication layer reports an error about the VM
  • REPLICATION_WARNING - Replication layer reports a warning about the VM
  • MAPPING_CONFLICT - Server has reported an inventory conflict: the resource pool and folder of the VM are in different datacenters
  • MISSING_UNPROTECTED_VM - The provider details of the protection group indicate the VM is part of the group and is unprotected while at the same time it has been deleted from the VC
  • VVOL_CONFIGURATION_ERROR - VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes configuration error
  • VVOL_CONFIGURATION_WARNING - VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes configuration warning


JSON Example

	"errors": [
	"status": "LOADING"
[{"label":"Latest (2.0.0)","version":"latest"},{"version":"1.0.0"}]
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