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Recovery settings for a VM, defined in the context of a recovery plan


priority Required

Recovery priority group. Used to translate server priority values to client priorities. The recovery priority for this VM. P1 is the highest and P5 is the lowest priority.

Possible values are: P1P2P3P4P5

shutdown_action_settings Required

Recovery settings related to power off of a VM.

ip_customization_type Required

IP customization modes:

  • Auto (AUTO)
    • If the advanced setting ‘recovery.useIpMapperAutomatically’ is set to True - Site Recovery Manager evaluates the IP subnet mapping rules during recovery to customize the virtual machines.
    • If the advanced setting ‘recovery.useIpMapperAutomatically’ is set to False - Site Recovery Manager does not evaluate the IP subnet mapping rules during recovery.
  • Use IP customization rules if applicable (NETWORK_LEVEL)
    • Site Recovery Manager will evaluate the IP subnet mapping rules during recovery of the concrete VM regardless of the advanced setting value of recovery.useIpMapperAutomatically.
  • Manual IP customization (MANUAL)
    • Manually set up explicit recovery IP settings per VM.
  • No IP customization (NO_CUSTOMIZATION)
    • Do not change VM IP settings during recovery.


startup_action Required

Startup action after recovery:

    The VM will not be powered on and post-power-on steps will not be executed as partof the recovery and test workflows. Note that the VM may still get powered onduring recovery as part of the IP customization workflow.
    The VM will be powered on and post-power-on steps will be executed as part of the recovery and test workflows

Possible values are: POWER_ONDO_NOT_POWER_ON

allow_vmotion_migration Optional

Whether this VM to be migrated to the recovery site using vMotion during a planned failover workflow

array of NicSettings
nic_settings Optional

Contains the IP settings for all the virtual ethernet cards on the VM

array of Callout
post_power_on_steps Optional

Contains all per VM steps that should be executed after the VM is powered on

array of Callout
pre_power_on_steps Optional

Contains all per VM steps that should be executed before the VM is powered on

integer as int64
change_version Optional

Change version control. When reconfiguring an existing Protected workload this value must be set, and match the most recent value. For settings on newly added VMs, leave it unset.

array of DependentVm
dependent_vms Optional

This is a list of VM identities that must be powered-on before this VM can be powered on. Dependencies are only valid within VMs of the same recovery priority. If there are dependent VMs that are not in the current plan and same recovery priority, they will be ignored. This list may contain VMs that are not contained by any protection group in the plan. But it will only contain valid VMs.

startup_action_settings Optional

Recovery settings related to power-on of a VM

vm_tools_status Optional

Status of VM tools on the VM


JSON Example

	"ip_customization_type": "AUTO",
	"priority": "P1",
	"shutdown_action_settings": {
		"timeout_seconds": 0
	"startup_action": "POWER_ON"
[{"label":"Latest (1.0.0)","version":"latest"}]
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