ArgumentScriptTemplate object represents a script with placeholders. If placeholders are replaced by values, the script can be executed. The purpose of the script is to produce an object of a type valid for a given script runtime. The result type of the script is usually input type for other scripts. The ArgumentScriptTemplate scripts help to convert simple type values to objects of types that can only be produced in a given script runtime.


id Optional

Unique identifier for the object.

array of string
placeholders Optional

The script template placeholders that has to be replaced by strings to produce a valid script.

result_type Optional

Type name of the object that is produced by the script template.

script_runtime Optional

ScriptRuntime on which this script can be executed.

script_template Optional

The script template.

JSON Example

	"id": "string",
	"placeholders": [
	"result_type": "string",
	"script_runtime": "string",
	"script_template": "string"


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