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Runspace object allows you to create and delete isolated PowerShell instance for your script executions. The API allows you to create, read, and delete runspaces.


string as date-time
creation_time Optional

The time at which the object was created. String representing time in format ISO 8601.

error_details Optional

ErrorDetails object gives information for an API error.

id Optional

Unique identifier for the object.

name Optional

Name of the runspace. It is optional to give a name of the runspace on create request. If name was not specified on runspace creation the field has null value.

run_vc_connection_script Optional

Boolean that indicates whether PowerCLI connection has to be initialized when a Runspace creation is requested.

It is optional to request VCenter Servers connection to be initialized on create request. If true is specified PowerCLI Connect-VIServer cmdlet will be called in the create PowerShell instance. Connect-VIServer uses the authorized user’s SSO SAML token to connect to the vCenter Servers. Connection to all linked vCetner Servers will be established. When requested the runspace creation will be slower with the time needed for PowerCLI modules loading and Connect-VIServer execution time. _vc_connection_script_state field will hold state of the script completion. In case errors have occured during connect script execution _vc_connection_script_error_records will be populated.

Default value is false.

state Optional

RunspaceState defines possible runspace states.

Possible values are: readyactivecreatingerror

vc_connection_script_id Optional

Id of the vc connection script if it was requested on the runspace create request. You can use this id to retrieve all the details of the script execution. The script could fail and the details about the script failure would be available in the scriptexecutions API.

JSON Example

	"creation_time": "string",
	"error_details": {
		"code": 0,
		"details": "string",
		"error_message": "string"
	"id": "string",
	"name": "string",
	"run_vc_connection_script": false,
	"state": "ready",
	"vc_connection_script_id": "string"
[{"label":"Latest (1.0)","version":"latest"}]
Parameter To

Create Runspace
Returned By

List Runspaces
Create Runspace
Get Runspace


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