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Script Execution resource allows you to run a script in a runspace. The API allows you to create, cancel, and retrieve script executions.


script Required

Content of the script.

runspace_id Required

Unique identifier of the runspace where script execution is performed.

id Optional

Unique identifier for the object.

name Optional

Name of the script execution. It is optional to give a name of the script execution on create request. If name was not specified on the script execution creation, the field has null value.

output_objects_format Optional

Possible values are: textjson

reason Optional

Reason for the current script execution state. In most of the cases reason field will be empty. In case of an error or cancellation reason will contain information about the reason that caused script execution to become in this state.

string as date-time
end_time Optional

Time at which the script execution was finished. String representing time in format ISO 8601.

array of object
script_parameters Optional

List of arguments that will be passed to the script. If script content defines parameters argument can be provided. The parameter names defined in the script content should match the names specified in this list.

string as date-time
start_time Optional

Time at which the script execution was started. String representing time in format ISO 8601.

state Optional

ScriptExecutionState defines possible script execution states.

Possible values are: successerrorrunningcanceled

JSON Example

	"runspace_id": "string",
	"script": "string"
[{"label":"Latest (1.0)","version":"latest"}]
Parameter To

Create Script Execution
Returned By

List Script Executions
Create Script Execution
Get Script Execution


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