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Script Runtime Service for vSphere Operations Index

All available Script Runtime Service for vSphere Operations.


get Get Product About Info
Retrieves about information for the product

Argument Scripts

post Create Argument Scripts Script
Creates scripts for a given script template id and placeholder values
get Get Argument Scripts Template
Retrieves argument script template by given unique template identifier
get List Argument Scripts Templates
List available argument script templates


post Login
Exchanges client credentials or SIGN token for SRS access key
post Logout
Revokes SRS access key


post Create Runspace
Starts a runspace creation
delete Delete Runspace
Deletes a runspace
get Get Runspace
Retrieve a runspace
get List Runspaces
List all runspaces

Script Executions

post Cancel Script Execution
Cancels a script execution
post Create Script Execution
Creates a script execution
get Get Script Execution
Retrieve a script execution
get Get Script Execution Output
Retrieves output objects produced by a script execution.
get Get Script Execution Stream
Retrieves list of stream records received during script execution.
get List Script Executions
List all script executions


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