Runspace is a PowerShell instance running in a dedicated container as a Kubernetes pod on the Kubernetes cluster. Runspace hosts the script running engine. Runspaces run in containers to isolate different users scripts and to isolate the script runtime from the hosting infrastructure. Multiple users can access SRS and run scripts. Different users are isolated in their own PowerShell runtime without access to other users script runtime and the underlying infrastructure. A user can create more than one runspace. So single user can run scripts simultaneously in isolated runspace. User can use one runspace to run multiple scripts sequentially. SRS presents Runspace as an API Resource with unique Id, name optionally given by the user, and state. The state of a Runspace switches during the Runspace life cycle. When Runspace creation is requested, a Runspace resource is returned in creating state. Once a runspace is prepared for running its state is switch to ready. A Runspace is in active state when it is busy running a script. Active runpsaces do not accept script execution requests.



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