[{"label":"Latest (2.0.1)","version":"latest"}]


Request object to get device details


className Required

Device type or Class type to which instances are required

array of string
columnFilters Optional

The name of column name which has to be filter.

integer as int32
from Optional

The from parameter defines the offset from the first result you want to fetch.

array of string
groupby Optional

The field name using which result will be groupby

instanceName Optional

Uniquely identifies the object across domains.

relationshipName Optional

If traversal is true then we should provide the relationship name to get the targetType.

integer as int32
size Optional

The size parameter allows you to configure the maximum amount of records to be returned.

array of Sort
sortby Optional

The Sort object defines on how and which field sorting has to be applied.

targetType Optional

If traversal is true then we should provide the targetType of the relationship for which instance is required

traversal Optional

Value can be true/false. If the instance is required on the traversed class then this attribute will be true

vsafilter Optional

The VSAFilter object defines how the filters has to be applied on queries.

JSON Example

    "className": "NetworkFunction"
[{"label":"Latest (2.0.1)","version":"latest"}]
Parameter To

Get Instances


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