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This defines the property filter object.


matchtype Optional

Type of operation. The values can be IN/EQ/REGEX/CONTAINS/MATCH.

For String type fields, the supported OPERATORs are IN, EQ, REGEX, CONTAINS and MATCH For Boolean and Integer/Long types fields the supported OPERATOR is MATCH.

  1. IN: Takes multiple values in array and does the exact matching (case sensitive)
  2. EQ: Takes only one values in array and does the exact matching(case sensitive). If passed multiple values in array then only first element will be picked
  3. REGEX: Takes only one values in array and perform regex operation.
  4. CONTAINS: Takes only one values in array and return all record which contains the requested value. Its kind of partial match query but with exact sequence of chars.
  5. MATCH: This is primarily used for matching INTEGER, LONG or Boolean fields. If used with string field, this will return result which will match one ore more field of searched string.

propname Optional

Name of the property.

array of string
values Optional

JSON Example

    "matchtype": "IN",
    "propname": "Severity"
[{"label":"Latest (2.0.1)","version":"latest"}]
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