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Telco Cloud Service Assurance Operations Index

All available Telco Cloud Service Assurance Operations.


get Get Metric Details
Retrieves metric entities based upon the filters.
get Get Metric Entities
Retrieves details of a specific metric type based upon filters.
get Get Metrics Model Metadata
Retrieves metadata for the existing Catalog Metrics model


post Create Collector
To collect data from various data collector sources, you must create and configure a Collector
delete Delete Collector
Delete a collector
get Get Collector
Get collector configurations for an instantiated collector
get List Collector Instances
Get instantiated blocks and Get information about instantiated blocks
get List Collector Types
Get all collector types such as cisco-aci,kafka-collector,vims and related information
get List Datacenter Instances
Get all Datacenter locations for the Kubernetes Stretched Cluster.
post Management Of Collector Lifecycle
API For collector lifecycle management


post Create Connector
Create a new connector instance
delete Delete Connector
Delete a connector
get Get Connector Instance
Get connector instance details
get List Connector Instances
list instantiated connectors
post Management Of Connector Lifecycle
API to manage the lifecycle of a connector
put Update Connector Instance
update connector configuration

Kafka Mapper

post Create Kafka Mapper
Create a new Kafka Mapper.
delete Delete Kafka Mapper
Delete the Kafka Mapper Instance
get Kafka Mapper Get Configuration
Get All Kafka Mapper Configurations
put Modify Kafka Mapper Mapping
Modify an Existing Kafka Mapper Configuration.


get Get Metrics
Fetch the metrics for given catalog metric type, entity name, and time range.

Mnr Mapper

delete Delete Mnr Metadata
Delete Mnr metadata for provided package name
delete Delete Mnr Metadata Mapping
Delete Mnr metadata mapping for provided package name
get Get All Mnr Metadata
Get Mnr metadata for all packages
get Get List Of Mnr Metadata
Get list of Mnr metadata package names.
get Get Mnr Mapping Package List
Get the list of packages that has mapping for Mnr gateway
get Get Mnr Metadata
Get Mnr metadata for provided package name
get Get Mnr Metadata Mapping
Get Mnr mappings for all packages
get Get Mnr Metadata Package
Get Mnr metadata for provided package name
post Store Mnr Metadata
Store Mnr metadata for provided package name
post Store Mnr Metadata Using File
Store Mnr metadata for provided package name


post Action On Notifications
Performs actions on notifications.
post Get Audit Trail
Returns the audit trail of notification.
post Get Caused By
Returns the list of notification, that are causing the requested notification.
post Get Causes
Returns the list of impacted notifications.
post Get Max Severity For Devices
Return, the value of max severity notification raised on the requested devices.
post Get Notification History
Returns the previous records and the occurrence of notification.
post Get Notification Summary
Get the summary for all notifications.
post Get Notifications
Get notifications.
post Get Server Tools
Get Server tools for notifications
post Perform Server Tools Actions
Performs server tools actions on notifications.


post Get Class Types
Get discovered topology class types such as Router, switch, VEdge etc.
post Get Domain Managers
Get the details of the domain manager, which is responsible for discovering the requested topology instance.
post Get Instances
Get all the instances for the given class
post Get Map Types
Get all supported map types for the given className and instance.
post Get Relationships
Get all the relationships for the given instance
post Topology Map
Topology Map for give mapType

User Federation

post Configure User Federation
Create a new user federation configuration.
delete Delete User Federation
Delete the requested user federation configuration.
get Get All User Federation
Get all configured user federations.
get Get User Federation
Get requested user federation configuration.
patch Patch User Federation
Partially update the requested user federation configuration.
put Update User Federation
Update the requested user federation configuration.


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