This specification contains the parameters required to add one or more vSphere hosts to an existing cluster in a workload domain


forceHostAdditionInPresenceofDeadHosts Optional

Use to add host to a cluster with dead host(s). Bypasses validation of disconnected hosts and vSAN cluster health. Review recovery plan VMware Support before using. False if omitted. This property is deprecated and it has no effect when using it.

array of HostSpec
hostSpecs Required

List of vSphere host information from the free pool to consume in the workload domain

interRackExpansion Optional

Is inter-rack cluster(true for L2 non-uniform and L3 : At least one of management, uplink, Edge and host TEP networks is different for hosts of the cluster, false for L2 uniform : All hosts in cluster have identical management, uplink, Edge and host TEP networks) expansion. Required, only if Cluster contains NSX-T Edge Cluster

skipThumbprintValidation Optional

Skip thumbprint validation for ESXi hosts during add host operation

array of VSANNetworkSpec
vsanNetworkSpecs Optional

vSAN Network Pool Spec

witnessSpec Optional

Witness host Info

witnessTrafficSharedWithVsanTraffic Optional

Witness traffic to be shared with vSAN traffic

JSON Example

	"hostSpecs": [
			"id": "string"
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