The host level specs that are same for all workload profiles.


clusterLimit Optional

The maximum number of hosts per cluster.Currently only 16 is supported.

number as double
cpuHeadroom Optional

Represents reserved CPU cores in the SDDC.

fttAndftm Optional

The failure to tolerate and fault tolerance mode.

FTT1_RAID1 tolerates 1 host failure and uses RAID 1.

FTT1_RAID5 tolerates 1 host failure and uses RAID 5.

FTT2_RAID1 tolerates 2 hosts failure and uses RAID 1.

FTT2_RAID6 tolerates 2 hosts failure and uses RAID 6.


instanceType Optional

The instance type of the host to server the workloads.

I3 is a high I/O compute instance.

I3EN is a dense SSD storage instance.

Possible values are: I3I3EN

region Optional

Indicates the region, currently not supported.

sddcApplianceSize Optional

The size/type of the VMC SDDC Management Appliances. The overheads change as per the type. Refer VMC config maximums for more details.

Possible values are: AUTOREGULARLARGE

sizingType Optional

Quick sizing corresponds to a sizing calculation with a limited set of inputs.

Manual sizing corresponds to a more fine grained sizing with the inputs being precise.

Possible values are: QUICKMANUAL

stretchedCluster Optional

Represents deployment model where two or more hosts are part of the same logical cluster but are located in separate geographical locations.

JSON Example

	"clusterLimit": 16,
	"cpuHeadroom": 15,
	"fttAndftm": "AUTO_AUTO",
	"instanceType": "I3",
	"region": "us-west-2",
	"sddcApplianceSize": "AUTO",
	"sizingType": "QUICK",
	"stretchedCluster": true


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