The VM Sizing configurations required for computation.


array of AddOns Enum
addonsList Optional

Addons required for sizing computation.

Possible values are: HCXVCDR

applianceSize Optional

The size / type of the SDDC.

Possible values are: REGULARLARGEAUTO

cloudType Optional

The cloud that is being used to run the workloads.

VMC ON AWS is currently supported as of now.

Possible values are: VMC_ON_AWS

clusterType Optional

SAZ: Single Availability Zone.

MAZ: Multi Availability Zone.

Possible values are: SAZMAZALL

number as double
computeOvercommitFactor Optional

fttFtmType Optional

The failure to tolerate and fault tolerance mode FTT1_RAID1 tolerates 1 host failure and uses RAID 1

FTT1_RAID5 tolerates 1 host failure and uses RAID 5

FTT2_RAID1 tolerates 2 hosts failure and uses RAID 1

FTT2_RAID6 tolerates 2 hosts failure and uses RAID 6


includeManagementVMs Optional

array of InstanceSetting
instanceSettingsList Optional

Comprises of the required settings of Instance with host type, setting name and value.

number as double
memoryOvercommitFactor Optional

sddcHostType Optional

SDDC host type to serve the workloads.

I3 is a high I/O compute instance

I3EN is a dense SSD storage instance

COST_OPT is optimized combination of I3 and I3EN

Possible values are: ALLI3I3ENCOST_OPT

number as double
storageThresholdFactor Optional

vmOutlierLimits Optional

Limits considered for each cluster post which a VM is considered a outlier for a particular cluster.

JSON Example

	"addonsList": "VCDR",
	"applianceSize": "REGULAR",
	"cloudType": "VMC_ON_AWS",
	"clusterType": "SAZ",
	"computeOvercommitFactor": 4,
	"fttFtmType": "AUTO_AUTO",
	"includeManagementVMs": true,
	"instanceSettingsList": [
			"hostType": "I3",
			"name": "DEDUP_RATIO",
			"value": "1.5"
	"memoryOvercommitFactor": 1,
	"sddcHostType": "ALL",
	"storageThresholdFactor": 1,
	"vmOutlierLimits": {
		"cpuLimit": 0,
		"memoryLimit": 0,
		"storageLimit": 0
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