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VMware Cloud Sizer API Operations Index

All available VMware Cloud Sizer API Operations.

Defaults Limits

get Get Workload Based Default Values For Sizing
Get the default values for sizing
get Get Workload Based Limits For Sizing
Get the limits (min-max) values for each of the parameter in sizing
get Host Based Sizing Defaults
Get default values for VMware Cloud Host Based Sizing
get Host Based Sizing Limits
Get the limits (min-max) values for VMware Cloud Host Based Sizing

File Parser

post Parse Excel File
Parse the excel file to JSON format

VMware Cloud Sizing

post Get Workload Based Sizing Recommendation
Get sizing estimates for the resources required to run various workloads within VMware Cloud. Currently supported cloud providers are VMware Cloud on AWS and Google Cloud VMware Engine.
post Host Based Sizing Recommendation
Get usable capacity estimates for host instance types supported by VMware Cloud.


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