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Log query request


integer as int64
end Required

End timestamp (milliseconds) for the query to be run

integer as int64
start Required

Start timestamp (milliseconds) for the query to be run

logQuery Required

It represents the SQL query to be executed. All queries are run on and filtered by ingest_timestamp by default, but you can query logs on log_timestamp also. To run any query on log_timestamp, add the keyword log_timestamp in the ORDER BY clause.

For example:

Below query returns results filtered by ingest_timestamp:

SELECT * FROM logs WHERE text=‘error’ ORDER BY ingest_timestamp DESC

Below query returns results filtered by log_timestamp:

SELECT * FROM logs WHERE text=‘error’ ORDER BY log_timestamp DESC

Note: Query by log_timestamp is only valid for indexed partitions.

callbackPayload Optional

Payload sent to callbackUrl

documentSelfLink Optional

Relative URI path of the service managing this document. Can be a complete link, or just a request ID.

dynamicFields Optional

Dynamic fields that need to be used in the SQL query (without creating extracted fields)

integer as int32
currentPageNumber Optional

Page number for current page of results, set when constructing a query during next page handling.

extractedFieldsEvaluation Optional

Default extracted field evaluation

clientOrgId Optional

OrgId for which telemetry data is to be queried

array of string
partitionIds Optional

PartitionIds from where we need the response. This might be removed once we figure out an intelligent way to distinguish the partitions from the query constraints. This is done for testing the partition flow for query

integer as int32
rows Optional

Number of rows to be returned

callbackUrl Optional

Callback URL called when query is complete

sub Optional

Subject to filter based on specified user

array of string
tenantLinks Optional

Authorization links associated with this request

JSON Example

    "logQuery": "SELECT * FROM logs ORDER BY ingest_timestamp DESC"
[{"label":"Latest (v1)","version":"latest"}]
Parameter To

Post Query Request


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