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algorithm Optional

The algorithm for choosing a member within the pool’s list of available members for each new connection. Default value is “LEAST_CONNECTIONS”. Supported algorithms are:

CONSISTENT_HASH uses Source IP Address hash. Using FASTEST_RESPONSE, LEAST_LOAD, FEWEST_SERVERS, RANDOM, FEWEST_TASKS, CORE_AFFINITY algorithms may require additional licensing.

array of EntityReference
caCertificateRefs Optional

The root certificates to use when validating certificates presented by the pool members.

commonNameCheckEnabled Optional

Whether to check the common name of the certificate presented by the pool member. This cannot be enabled if no caCertificateRefs are specified.

integer as int32
defaultPort Optional

The destination server port used by the traffic sent to the member.

array of string
domainNames Optional

A list of domain names which will be used to verify the common names or subject alternative names presented by the pool member certificates. It is performed only when common name check (commonNameCheckEnabled) is enabled. If common name check is enabled, but domain names are not specified then the incoming host header will be used to check the certificate.

gatewayRef Required

The Edge Gateway associated with this Load Balancer Pool.

integer as int32
gracefulTimeoutPeriod Optional

Maximum time (in minutes) to gracefully disable a member. Virtual service waits for the specified time before terminating the existing connections to the members that are disabled. Special values: 0 represents ‘Immediate’, -1 represents ‘Infinite’.

healthMonitors Optional

Member server’s health can be monitored by using one or more health monitors. Active monitors generate synthetic traffic and mark a server up or down based on the response.

members Optional

The list of destination servers which are used by the Load Balancer Pool to direct load balanced traffic.

name Required

Name for the Load Balancer Pool. Name is unique across all pools for an Edge Gateway.

persistenceProfile Optional

Selected persistence profile for the Load Balancer Pool.

array of EntityReference
virtualServiceRefs Optional

The list of Load Balancer Virtual Services associated with this Load balancer Pool.

JSON Example

	"gatewayRef": {},
	"name": "string"


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