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certificateRef Optional

The certificate used for SSL termination for the Virtual Service. This is required if the service port type is “HTTPS” or “L4_TLS”.

description Optional

The description of the Virtual Service.

detailedHealthMessage Optional

The non-localized detailed message on the health of the virtual service.

enabled Required

A flag indicating whether Virtual Service is enabled or not.

gatewayRef Required

The Edge Gateway associated with this Virtual Service.

healthMessage Optional

The localized message on the health of the virtual service.

healthStatus Optional

The current health status of the virtual service. Possible values are:

  • UP - The virtual service is healthy.
  • DOWN - The virtual service is down, inactive, or has failed.
  • DISABLED - The virtual service is disabled.
  • UNAVAILABLE - The virtual service is unavailable.
  • PENDING - The virtual service is being creating or resources are being allocated.
  • UNKNOWN - The virtual service state is unknown.

id Optional

The identifier of the Virtual Service in URN format

loadBalancerPoolRef Required

The Load Balancer Pool associated with this Virtual Service.

name Required

The name of the Virtual Service. Name is unique across all Virtual Services for an Edge Gateway.

serviceEngineGroupRef Required

The Load Balancer Service Engine Group that is assigned to the Edge Gateway. This Virtual Service will be deployed to this Service Engine Group.

servicePorts Required

A list of service ports supported by this Virtual Service. Multiple service ports are allowed only with additional licensing.

virtualIpAddress Required

The virtual IP Address (VIP) of the Virtual Service. This IP can be an allocated IP to the Gateway from the External Network or it can be an arbitrary internal IP address used for internal load balancing. It it’s an internal IP Address, this IP cannot be part of any existing subnet attached to the Edge Gateway or any vDC Group network if the Edge Gateway is scoped accordingly.

JSON Example

	"enabled": false,
	"gatewayRef": {},
	"loadBalancerPoolRef": {},
	"name": "string",
	"serviceEngineGroupRef": {},
	"servicePorts": [
			"portStart": 0
	"virtualIpAddress": "string"


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