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description Optional

Description for the registered Load Balancer Cloud.

detailedHealthMessage Optional

The non-localized detailed message on the health of the Cloud.

healthStatus Optional

The current health status of the Load Balancer Cloud. Possible values are:

  • UP - The cloud is healthy and ready to enable Load Balancer for an Edge Gateway.
  • DOWN - The cloud is in a failure state. Enabling Load balancer on an Edge Gateway may not be possible.
  • RUNNING - The cloud is currently processing. An example is if it’s enabling a Load Balancer for an Edge Gateway.
  • UNAVAILABLE - The cloud is unavailable.
  • UNKNOWN - The cloud state is unknown.

id Optional

The identifier of the registered Load Balancer Cloud in URN format

loadBalancerCloudBacking Required

The backing that uniquely identifies a Load Balancer Cloud configured within a Load Balancer Controller. At the present, VCD only supports NSX-T Clouds configured within an NSX-ALB Controller deployment. This is not updatable once it’s created.

name Required

The name of the Load Balancer Cloud.

networkPoolRef Optional

The Network Pool associated with this Cloud

JSON Example

	"loadBalancerCloudBacking": {
		"backingId": "NSX-ALB Clouds are identified with the following format 'cloud-xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx'",
		"loadBalancerControllerRef": {}
	"name": "string"


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