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backingNetworkId Optional

The NSX id of the backing network.

backingNetworkType Optional

The object type of the backing network.

connection Optional

The edge gateway that the network is attached to.

crossVdcNetworkId Optional

The id of the cross vdc network if this is a stretched network, otherwise it will be null.

crossVdcNetworkLocationId Optional

The id of the org from which this network can be managed if this is a stretched network, otherwise it will be null.

enableDualSubnetNetwork Optional

Whether or not this network will support two subnets

guestVlanTaggingAllowed Optional

Whether guest VLAN tagging is allowed.

isDefaultNetwork Optional

Deprecated unused field, this property will be removed in future release.

lastTaskFailureMessage Optional

Brief failure message if the last configuration task failed. Deprecated in Api 33.0, this property will be removed in next release.

networkType Optional

The type of network. Changing the network type allows converting between an isolated and routed network. Note that the “connection” field must also be set if converting from isolated to routed network.

orgRef Optional

The organization to which the network belongs.

orgVdc Optional

The organization vDC the network belongs to. This should be unset if the network is owned by a vDC Group. For API version 35.0 and above, this field will be treated as read only. Please use ownerRef for new network creation.

orgVdcIsNsxTBacked Optional

For an Org vDC network, whether the vDC is backed by NSX-T.

integer as int32
overlayId Optional

Overlay connectivity ID for this Network. This field is used on creation during POST only and will not be displayed on an object returned through GET or PUT.

ownerRef Optional

The org vDC or vDC Group that this network belongs to. If the ownerRef is set to a vDC Group, this network will be available across all the vDCs in the vDC Group. If the vDC Group is backed by a NSX-V network provider, the org vDC network is automatically connected to the distributed router associated with the vDC Group and the “connection” field does not need to be set. For API version 35.0 and above, this field should be set for network creation.

parentNetworkId Optional

The parent network if the network is a direct network, otherwise it will be null.

retainNicResources Optional

Whether network resources such as IP/MAC Addresses are to be retained.

routeAdvertised Optional

Whether this network is advertised so that it can be routed out to the external networks. This applies only to network backed by NSX-T. Value will be unset if route advertisement is not applicable.

array of EntityReference
securityGroups Optional

The list of firewall groups of type SECURITY_GROUP/STATIC_MEMBERS that are assigned to the Org VDC Network. These groups can then be used in firewall rules to protect the Org VDC Network and allow/deny traffic.

shared Optional

Whether this network is shared with other organization vDCs.

status Optional

Description of the network’s status.

totalIpCount Optional

The number of IP addresses defined by the static ip pools. If the network contains any IpV6 subnets, the total ip count will be null.

usedIpCount Optional

The number of IP address used from the static ip pools.

JSON Example

	"backingNetworkId": "string",
	"backingNetworkType": "enum",
	"connection": {
		"connected": false,
		"connectionType": "enum",
		"routerRef": {
			"id": "string",
			"name": "string"
	"crossVdcNetworkId": "string",
	"crossVdcNetworkLocationId": "string",
	"enableDualSubnetNetwork": false,
	"guestVlanTaggingAllowed": false,
	"isDefaultNetwork": false,
	"lastTaskFailureMessage": "string",
	"networkType": "enum",
	"orgRef": {
		"id": "string",
		"name": "string"
	"orgVdc": {
		"id": "string",
		"name": "string"
	"orgVdcIsNsxTBacked": false,
	"overlayId": 0,
	"ownerRef": {
		"id": "string",
		"name": "string"
	"parentNetworkId": {
		"id": "string",
		"name": "string"
	"retainNicResources": false,
	"routeAdvertised": false,
	"securityGroups": [
			"id": "string",
			"name": "string"
	"shared": false,
	"status": "enum",
	"totalIpCount": 0,
	"usedIpCount": 0
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