proxy configuration. This configures the vCD proxying capability for one specific server within the vSphere/NSX/ESX estate known to vCD.


proxyType Required
Description not available

Possible values are: VCSSONSXESXGENERIC

targetHost Required

IP address or FQDN of the host being proxied. Lower case formatting will be applied to the value of the property. This is not editable once the proxy has been created.

string as .*[\S].*
name Required
Description not available

parent Required

The EntityReference of the parent entity (e.g. vCenter Server, SDDC) . This is not editable once the proxy has been created.

id Optional
Description not available

parentProxy Optional

The EntityReference of the parent proxy. If a proxy has a parent, the proxy is activated along with its parent and shares the token with its parent. Each proxy may only have one parent. A parent proxy cannot have a parent of its own.

active Optional

True if the proxy is currently active for the user session associated with the request made to get the proxy. An inactive proxy cannot be used.

enabled Optional

True if the proxy is enabled. Proxy can only be enabled/disabled by privileged users. A disabled proxy cannot be activated and thus, cannot be used. When a proxy is disabled, all active sessions are terminated.

tenantVisible Optional

Whether this proxy has been published to tenants.

token Optional

The generated read-only token that should be used as the password when using this proxy. To generate a new token, activate the proxy. The token is tied to the user session that activated the proxy. If the proxy is inactive, this value will be null.

string as uri
uiUrl Optional

The URL of the proxied component’s UI endpoint. This is the URL that the browser tab will be pointed to when the proxy is launched via the H5 UI of VCD.

JSON Example

	"name": "Proxy Sample Name",
	"parent": {},
	"proxyType": "VC",
	"targetHost": ""
Added in 34.0
Property Of

Parameter To

Create Proxy
Update Proxy
Returned By

Get Proxy
Update Proxy


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