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enforcingQuotaPolicy Optional

The quota policy that enforced this quota.

integer as int64
quotaConsumed Optional

The quota amount consumed for this resource. This field is conditional and for group quotas it is not returned.

quotaPoolDefinition Optional

The quota pool definition used for the consumed quota resource.

JSON Example

	"enforcingQuotaPolicy": {},
	"quotaConsumed": 0,
	"quotaPoolDefinition": {
		"qualifiers": [
			"vm.guestOs == Windows"
		"quota": 0,
		"quotaResourceName": "Running VMs quota is the user friendly name for resource type VM with qualifiers deployed == true. Consumed Memory quota is the user fiendly name for resource type memory.",
		"quotaResourceUnit": "memory unit - MB, cpu unit - MHz, storage unit - MB",
		"resourceType": "string"
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