The VCD SSL settings


certificateSignatureAlgorithm Optional

Algorithm used to sign generated certificates

certificateValidityDays Optional

Number of days generated certificates are valid for

array of string
enabledSslCiphers Optional

SSL ciphers

array of string
enabledSslProtocols Optional

SSL protocols

fipsMode Optional

The desired FIPS mode of this server group.

  • ON: Indicates FIPS mode is desired for this server group.
  • OFF: Indicates FIPS mode is not desired for this server group.

Added in 35.2

keySize Optional

Size of keys generated

status Optional

The current SSL settings status for this server group.

  • CURRENT: Indicates that all of the SSL settings for this server group are up to date.
  • UPDATING: Indicates that there is at least one cell in the server group which has not yet applied the SSL settings.
  • AWAITING_RESTART: Indicates that the SSL settings for this server group have been applied on each cell, and that each cell needs to be rebooted for the settings to take place. When each cell has been rebooted this field will change to CURRENT.

Added in 35.2

JSON Example

	"certificateSignatureAlgorithm": "string",
	"certificateValidityDays": 0,
	"enabledSslCiphers": [
	"enabledSslProtocols": [
	"fipsMode": "string",
	"keySize": 0,
	"status": "string"
Added in 34.0
Parameter To

Update SSL Settings
Returned By

Get SSL Settings


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