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Connection to test.


host Required

The host (or IP address) to connect to.

port Required

The port to use when connecting.

array of string
additionalCAIssuers Optional

A list of URLs being authorized by the user to retrieve additional CA certificates from, if necessary, to complete the certificate chain to its trust anchor.

Upon retrieving the certificate chain presented during the handshake, if signing CA certificates were not included, but a location is specified for the 'caIssuers' access method of the 'Authority Info Access' extension (as described in RFC 5280 Section of those certificates and that location is one of these supplied URLs, then additional certificates will be retrieved from those URLs in accordance with the protocol laid out in the RFC.

Any failure to retrieve this certificate will NOT fail the test connection request, nor will the error associated with this failure be returned.

In the unlikely event that the CA Issuers URL specifies `https` instead of `http`, the original certificate, that included that URL, will be temporarily used to trust the server during ssl handshake

Added in 36.0

hostnameVerificationAlgorithm Optional

Endpoint/Hostname verification algorithm to be used during SSL/TLS/DTLS handshake. Their values are as follows:

  • HTTPS: use https hostname verification algorithm as described in RFC 2818
  • LDAPS: use ldaps hostname verification algorithm as described in RFC 2830
When this field is not set, the default value null indicates no hostname verification will be performed.

Added in 36.0

preConfiguredProxy Introduced Changed Optional

The URN of a ProxyConfiguration to use for the test. Only one of proxyConnection or preConfiguredProxy can be specified. If neither is specified then no proxy is used to test the connection.

Added in 36.1

proxyConnection Optional

Proxy connection to use for test. Only one of proxyConnection and preConfiguredProxy can be specified. If neither is specified, then no proxy is used to test the connection.

secure Optional

If the connection should use https.

integer as int32
timeout Optional

Maximum time (in seconds) any step in the test should wait for a response.

JSON Example

	"host": "string",
	"port": 0
[{"label":"Latest (v37.0)","version":"latest"},{"version":"v36.3"},{"version":"v36.2"},{"version":"v36.1"},{"version":"v36.0"},{"link":"https://developer.vmware.com/apis/1046/vmware-cloud-director","version":"v35.0"}]
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